Stubble Cultivation

Farmer Jos Pelgröm is of the opinion that too many farmers forget that stubble cultivation can be very effective in controlling weeds. Treffler-M@M is currently distributing the Treffler machines in Benelux, Denmark and the United Kingdom. These machines can handle Read More

Grain and Seed Mills

The Treffler Mill is the alternative for the centuries old stone milling. Our endeavor for quality surpasses romantic notions. Hygienic, noiseless, dust free, your choice.


The Treffler Cultivator is the best alternative for chemical Roundup. With the smallest adjustment it is able to cut through all weeds, the whole year round.


The Treffler harrow is unique in its sort. It enables accurate currying in all work situations and in one year it repays itself completely. The credit for this machine is richly deserved.

Hoeing system

For effective weeding without major investment measurements choose the Treffler hoeing system. The power is in the simplicity.