The Treffler Cultivator is the best alternative for chemical Roundup. With the smallest adjustment it is able to cut through all weeds, the whole year round. The Treffler Cultivator is suited for fields that are using plough-less soil methods, therefore maintaining the inherent qualities of the soil.


TGA 300 on kop2


TGA 250/300/420 3-point cultivator, light

Characteristics of the TGA series:

  • Full clearance and optimal work height prevent jams.
  • 8cm overlapping of cutting blades= 100% precision cut.
  • Vibrating flat cutting blades= 100% incisive cut.
  • Perfect work height is achieved, precise and with constant pressure.
  • Variety of self- cleaning waltz/ rolls, adjustable to the type of soil.
  • Unique machines for soil treatment the whole year round.
  • Equipped with different types of sowing machines.
  • The three point version has a front-end attachment. A combination with a back-end machine is possible.

TG grote getrokken cultivator


TG 300/440/500/580/615/720 rear cultivator, heavy


Looking for a machine that keeps your land clean the whole year round? This is your best choice.

TF trilltand cultivator


Characteristics of the TF- series:

  • The TF is a modern vibrating tine cultivator especially suitable for weeding.
  •  Keep this superb machine in use from Springtime until Autumn employing it to prepare your soil, for stubble and for incorporating manure into your soil.
  • Available with Hardox chisels or with goose feet, cutting 100% through everything.
  • Also available with seeder for sowing green manure.
  • Utilize it with equalization strings and crumble rolls.
  •  Can be linked to slurry tankers for incorporation of manure.