Mechanisation in organic horticulture

Treffler-Man@Machine is excited about this event.

The 7 Flemish horticulture research centers PCG, Inagro, Proefcentrum Pamel, pcfruit, PSKW, PCS, Pibo Campus and the coordination centre for organic research, CCBT are organizing a Mechanisation Day in organic horticulture on the 13th of September 2022, at ‘Aardevol’ in Tongeren. Treffler-Man@Machine is there to demonstrate with the Treffler harrow, a gamechanger in mechanical weed control.

Belgium, the organic horticultural sector is a growing sector which consist for a large part of small- and middle-scale farms. This group of farms is strongly motivated to further professionalize and therefore there is a growing demand for a suitable, small-scale mechanization and accommodation. The goal of our network event is to bring demand and supply together and to offer a platform for networking with colleagues and suppliers.

The target group of this event are the Flemish organic horticulture growers, small or medium conventional growers, organic farmer students and organic growers from neighboring regions (the Netherlands, Wallonia and the North of France).


Sep 13 2022


On Schedule


Kruisvindingsstraat 69 3700 Tongeren, Belgium


Joran Barbry - Inagro