The Treffler Mill is the alternative for the centuries old stone milling. Our endeavour for quality surpasses romantic notions. Hygienic, noiseless, dust free, your choice.


Mühlomat 100/300/500/1000

Characteristics of the Mühlomat:
  • The cutting mill produces customised flour cut to the size depending on the loaded sieve.
  • Hardly any temperature increase of the product, creates a higher quality flour.
  • Full-automatic cutting, very simple operation.
  • Optionally includes a Granulator, for more precise cutting.
  • Completely closed circuit, self-cleaning and highly hygienic.
  • No waste, the fine particles are mixed into the final product.
  • Very little maintenance, knives can be sharpened at the factory.
  • Also feasible with Multicutter, a reducer, for example for breadcrumbs.
  • The cutting mill is mounted on a plateau making it easy to move.
  • The cutting mill is easy to insert into a feed/ supply and a storage circuit.
 The cutting mill revolutionises milling grains/seeds and processing residue or rest products.