The Treffler harrow is unique in its sort. It enables accurate currying in all work situations and in one year it repays itself completely. The credit for this machine is richly  deserved. 

TT/TS170-TS1520 up to 30M

Characteristics TS series:
  • The furrow crest, flank, and channel are combed with a constant tine-pressure.
  • The hydraulic tine- pressure adjustment unit can be steered by the on-board electronics in your tractor, optimizing all the adjustments you need to make.
  • The length of the tines is 50cm, ideal for combing the higher crops.
  • The harrow can be assembled from small to large working-widths in order to accommodate your specific acreage, and gearing to your specific harvest.
  • Available with hard metal tine assembly for constant sharpness and long-lifespan.
  • Available with patented tine-springs, for the delicate initial growth of your crops.
  • Available with various tine angles, depending on your type soil and your crops.
  • Tiny Treffler 80 cm hand drawn variation for horticulturalists.
  • A horse-drawn variation harrow is also available.

The Treffler harrow is unsurpassed, it is an indispensable piece of equipment on your farm.