When not ploughing stubble cultivation can be of great importance.

Farmer Jos Pelgröm is of the opinion that too many farmers forget that stubble cultivation can be very effective in controlling weeds. Treffler-M@M is currently distributing the Treffler machines in Benelux, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Greece, Canada and the USA. . These machines can handle weeds in areas where predominantly grain is grown and the stubble cultivation is popular: shallow, 100% cutting through weeds and level. This procedure allows the weed seeds and storage seeds to germinate. The weeds can then be combated before the winter cultivation. When the soil isn't being ploughed, this form of stubble cultivation can be very useful.

The Treffler machines are especially suited for this purpose. The TGA cuts through everything at a constant depth. The TF makes it loose without clogging. Jos believes that there is a lot to gain through patience and successive stubble cultivation. The desired effect being the germination of seeds and the elimination of seedlings. Each germ needs time and the repetition of the superficial operation allows the germination to take place again and again.

It's too easy for farmers to remove stubble in one simple operation, then use a green fertilizer as quickly as possible to get the job done. The result is often that an abundance of weeds that have germinated in the green fertilizer and many more, that are yet unripe and likely to appear in the main crop. When using ploughless methods this quickly creates a mess.

Good machines with the right capacity are a must in eliminating weeds, otherwise autumn approaches and farmer John isn't on top of things.