We are happy to announce that our Northwest Treffler farm tour is taking place between Monday April 4th through Wednesday April 13th.

Our trip starts in Abbotsford, BC, Canada where we will take part in the Pacific Agriculture Show. This show is the largest and most important agricultural exhibition in the province and the leading event for BC’s agriculture industry. We are looking forward to exhibiting a TS170 and telling you all about Treffler Organic Machinery, the best machinery for shallow-tillage and mechanical weed control on your farm.

After the show we will travel to the US. On April 4th we will pick up two machines a TINY Treffler hand drawn harrow and a Treffler 6M harrow on a 3-pt. We will travel from Washington, to Oregon and all the way to the N. Central Valley in California, after which we will loop up through the eastern part of California, Oregon and Washington before ending our trip in Seattle, WA.

We want to say thank you to all the farmers who are hosting a public field day at their farms. Furthermore we want to thank all the others who are meeting us or helping us on this trip.

Finally, if you know a farmer in Washington, Oregon or California who wants to see a demonstration with a Treffler harrow please contact me. Then I will connect them with a farmer nearby.

For the Public Field days please check out the poster that is announcing the Treffler Farm Tour.

Should you have questions regarding any of our events please send me an e-mail asap so that I can give you more details.

We want to spread the word, so we kindly ask you all to please share the tour with your network of farmers.