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Man@Machine for smart farm and food innovations

There is one thing that Treffler Organic Machinery, BirdAlert and Shade Haven have in common: all of them are technological innovations that take their approach from nature to support sustainable landscapes and food production.

By introducing farmers to these cutting edge tools we hope to help you to improve the sustainability, profitability, productivity and quality of your enterprise.

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Klaas Martens

Treffler-Man@Machine sent us a new machine to try that had tines with sharp carbide tips. That machine has been a game changer for us for weed control especially in soybeans and dry beans. Our big surprise was that the sharp tines also work well in corn.

After starting out in a flash drought his year, we are now getting about 5 days with rain per week. The weed pressure is very high in our beans. The Treffler has worked to help us rescue fields that have heavy flushes of big weeds.

Klaas Martens

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