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Everyone with a Treffler machine from Treffler-Man@Machine becomes a Promoter.

Have you previously purchased a machine from Treffler-Man@Machine AND  want to help a farmer in your neighbourhood with advice or instructions? If you’re the first to refer a new contact, and that contact ultimately makes a purchase from Treffler-Man@Machine, you’ll earn a commission* on the sale.

Treffler-M@M Promoters are the face of our firm: they give lectures, host field days in their region and keep an inventory of parts. These men and women are committed to sharing the principles of the great craftsmanship and innovation of our machines. 

Look at the table below and meet the Treffler-M@M Promoters close to you: individuals who are making a difference by working together and understanding and responding to their local farmer’s needs.

* The Promoters commission does not apply in Denmark

Treffer-m@m promoters in the Americas


Peter F profile
Peter Featherstone
Wisconsin, USA
Mark Troyer
Indiana, USA
Nate Johnson
Oregon, Washington & Idaho USA
James L. Byers
Pennsylvania & Ohio USA
Matthew Miller
Northern Iowa & Nebraska USA
Treffler-m@m promoters in europe


Luka Vlahek
North Croatia