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Man@Machine Farm and Food Innovations is a leading European agricultural technology company. It derives from a dream we have for better farming practices and a more sustainable agricultural future for all.

Our international outreach efforts have introduced Treffler Organic Machinery, Shade Haven and BirdAlert to a global market. We have a direct link to the manufacturers and can ensure you’re getting the right machine to take care of your food and crops.

Many years of farming and working with farming implements distinguish us in our field and make us an experienced partner to understanding your farming needs. By introducing farmers to these cutting edge tools we aim to help you to improve the sustainability, profitability, productivity and quality of your enterprise.

Meet the M@M Team


Treffler-Man@Machine is a partnership between Treffler Maschinenbau GmbH & Co and Man@Machine.

Treffler-Man@Machine falls under the Man@Machine umbrella and is the trading partner for Treffler Organic Machinery. Our sales team is a Farmers Network, end users who  know the ins-and-outs about our machines from their own experience. Treffler-Man@Machine brings Treffler technology to farmers around the globe.

Man@Machine Farm and Food Innovations and Treffler-Man@Machine guarantee experience, quality and dependability.When it comes to choosing the right machine we know that only the most precise tools are good enough for your farm.  Whether its customer service, or after sales, our team is committed to the relationship with you as a customer. We support environmental, people and animal friendly technologies. It’s our business to provide you with machines especially suited to your personal needs.  

Have a look for yourself and discover our product range for no-till and organic farming, for animal welfare and a smart scarecrow.

Man@Machine Farmers Network

Our sales strategy depends on farmers. Farmers experiences with our machines are invaluable in building our Network and you get reliable information and service.
Our growing team of Treffler-M@M Promoters and Farmer Dealers  are local professionals who share their enthusiasm and their knowledge to promote our machines. Their story is dependable, always close to your home.