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Our Man@Machine Farmers Network plays a vital role in introducing our machines to new farmers by forming a robust and interconnected network. Together with our office, who provide essential support and resources, farmers who serve as the end-users and ambassadors of our technology, promoters who spread the word and generate interest and farmer dealers who stock inventory, guide and inspire. 

Together, this diverse group of individuals collaborates to ensure that our cutting-edge agricultural equipment reaches the hands of farmers, making a profound impact on their productivity and livelihoods.
Office team
Farmer Dealers
Ana & Jos
M@M Farmers Network
The end-users of our machines who culitvate the land & nourish the world

Treffler-M@M Promoters are the face of our firm: they give lectures, host field days in their region and keep an inventory of parts.

Office team

Our dedicated and knowledgeable office team works behind the scenes and once in a while you’ll meet them at an event promoting our products. They help us to keep everything running smoothly.

Farmer Dealers
Treffler-M@M Farmer dealerships are independent farmers who carry and sell their own stock inventory. They have a spare parts depot should your machine need servicing and are always ready for you for after sales.
Ana & Jos Pelgröm

Ana & Jos are the founders and joint CEO's of Man@Machine.  They dare to dream of better farming practices and a more sustainable agricultural future for all.

the ultimate end-user


At Man@Machine, we acknowledge that farmers, as the ultimate end-users of our technology, play a central role in the sustainable development of communities. Recognizing the challenges farmers face, our mission is to equip them with the finest tools and innovations, easing their workload while elevating the efficiency and productivity of their farms.

Years of experience have shown that when farmers choose a Treffler machine from us, they are not just acquiring machinery; they are investing in a transformative agricultural approach. In this sense, our commitment to delivering cutting-edge machinery is rooted in the understanding that the success of agriculture begins with the success of the farmers who cultivate the land and nourish the world.
fostering knowledge and enthusiasm

Treffler-Man@Machine Promoters

Every farmer investing in a Treffler from Man@Machine can in fact promote our machines and be part of the ‘Man@Machine Farmers Network’.

Beyond ownership, these farmers share success stories, engage with others through various means, and contribute to a community fostering knowledge and enthusiasm. Promoters can give a lecture, host a field day, and extend a helping hand to fellow farmers in setting up their machines.

Curious to learn more about the impactful roles of these promoters play? Click here to discover their stories and experiences. 

the face of the firm

Treffler-Man@Machine Farmer Dealers

Farmer dealers at Treffler-Man@Machine operate independently as knowledgeable farmers, maintaining their own stock inventory and spare parts. Serving as the local face of the company, they stand ready to assist with upgrades and servicing needs. ‘Treffler-Man@Machine Farmer Dealers’ go beyond brand representation, offering exceptional after-sales support with a commitment to service excellence and tailored solutions.

Interested in learning more about the exceptional support of our Farmer Dealers offer? Click here for more information.

keeping everything running smootlhy

Office Team

At Man@Machine, our dedicated office team is always ready to serve you. Compromising of talented and dedicated professionals in administration, finance, customer support, logistics, ICT and graphic design, our office-team works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the seamless flow of operations. From managing orders and coordinating shipments to providing responsive customer assistance, their collective expertise forms the backbone of our commitment to introduce farmers to cutting-edge machines.

If you have a question or need assistance navigating any aspect of our processes, the office team is ready to provide solutions with a commitment to excellence. Because they are passionate about our products beyond the office walls – you may also meet them at various events where they enthusiastically promote our machines.

guiding & inspiring

Man@Machine Founders

Ana Pelgröm

I am Ana Pelgröm, the Founder and Co-CEO of Man@Machine.

In my role at Man@Machine, I am responsible for sales, promotion, marketing, and team coordination. Over the years, I have played a pivotal role in growing Treffler Organic Machinery and Shade Haven through our work at Man@Machine and Treffler-M@M. Our international outreach efforts have seen our company transform into a global network of like-minded farmers. I take pride in meeting farmers, understanding their challenges, and offering technological innovative solutions that address their specific needs.

Beyond my professional life, I draw inspiration from our own farm and gardening. I am always connected to the land and its beauty. These personal experiences remind me daily of the importance of our work at Man@Machine and reinforce my commitment to environmental stewardship.

Jos Pelgröm

Born on a farm in 1955 and put on a tractor from 1959, that's how I started my career in agriculture and that's how I will continue it.

From 1980 to 2016 I was an organic farmer and organic organizer. Always a farmer and always active in organic organizations. In 2006 I was the first farmer in the Netherlands to buy a Treffler, which started the relationship with the factory.That is why Ana and I were able to confidently start promoting the beautiful Treffler machines in 2016.

Together we have a large family, many children, many grandchildren. We have every reason to work towards a better world every day.