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Peter F Treffler Bio Pic
Treffler M@M Promoter
Wisconsin, USA
Peter Featherstone is a Treffler-M@M Promoter in Southern Wisconsin. In 2017 he began transitioning his farm to organic agriculture. Through his practices he realized, “a farmer needs more than one tool in the toolbox to effectively manage weeds in organic production”.

As a 4th generation farmer, Peter works alongside his father David, and his wife Katherine, to carry the torch forward for agriculture in his community.

I take my time with the purchase of a new tool, Treffler is without a doubt the best tine weeder on the market. Due to the unique engineering of this machine the tine weeder conforms to the varying terrain in the field. The ease of use is key to the success of this machine. The simple hydraulic adjustments on the tine weeder allows me to make the necessary changes to match different field conditions. The Treffler tine weeder is one of the most used tools in my toolbox.



Walworth, WisconsinUSA