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Treffler-M@M Promoter
N. Croatia (Međimurje county, Varaždin county, Koprivničko-križevačka county, Krapinsko-zagorska county, city Zagreb and Bjelovarska- bilogorska county)

I graduated at Agronomic Faculty of Zagreb, major in Agro business and rural development. During and after my study, I work at family owned agricultural farm Ljubomir Vlahek. We cultivate our land and produce corn, wheat, potato and onion and we feed broilers (up to 18.000 per cycle).

As member of family owned farm, I am actively included in all activities such as work on production of mentioned cultures, making offers and invoices for our clients. Today I have my own farm.

The reason why I decided to buy Treffler tine harrow is in his design. Treffler is designed to till with great precision, especially crops like onion and potato.



Vinogradska 27,Hodošan,Croatia


+38 598811489