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Treffler M@M Farmer Dealer Mertz Maskinhandel
with Tom Ellerød
Lolland, Falster, Mon & Sjæland – Denmark

Tom Ellerød has joined the Joh. MERTZ team in Maribo, Denmark to represent Treffler-Man@Machine. We are excited to have Tom on our team to advise you in your mechanical weed control and the shallow tillage on your farm.

I am Tom Ellerød, 47 years old. My wife and I have 2 kids. 
My education is in farming and for 6 years I have worked as a manager for big organic farms (800 – 2000 ha).

I have worked with lots of tools on the farms, but nothing is as good at your mechanical weed control as the Treffler precision tine harrow. Some special features about the Treffler in row are:

Treffler has a light and stabile frame.
The easy to set adjust pressure makes it a joy to use on the farm.
Because of the individual spring load on each tine, you can achieve excellent results.


I look forward to meeting you at the different shows and demos throughout the year and telling you all about Treffler Organic Machinery and how the Treffler line of harrows and tillage tools help you beat the weeds on your farm.



Johs. Mertz A/SRødbyvej 6C4930 MariboDenmark


+45 21784262