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Fred Willemssen farming organically with Treffler

Three years have passed since we were sitting in the Puur Origine office discussing Treffler Organic Machinery and the precision tine harrow.  Later that day, we ventured into the fields and conducted two demonstrations, one in brassicas and the other in spinach. The results were highly persuasive. In that very same year, the owner, Fred Willemssen, made the decision to purchase a Treffler for his mechanical weed control needs.

Seeing a picture of him alongside his Treffler harrow in an article in BioLogisch Limburg about Puur Origine was a real “WOW” moment for us here at Treffler-M@M.

You can read the interview (in Dutch) with Fred here :

A snapshot from article in English:

He never regretted that he started working organically. “It’s not about money. It’s primarily about the way of working, a human touch, and also hearing many positive stories from customers. We demonstrate that it is possible. People sometimes say it can’t be done, but it can. We don’t use any chemicals, we only sprayed once with an organic substance. We have to reinvent the wheel ourselves – there is no adviser. It also depends on what is needed per crop and plot. We have come this far through trial and error”.