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Matt, Treffler-M@M Promoter of Treffler machines for Northern Iowa and Nebraska, has been certified organic for 20 years. His operation includes about 500 acres of organic corn, soybeans, and oats. He has been on many organic farms in Iowa from his days working as an organic inspector for the Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship.

If you want clean organic fields, harrowing is critical. It gives the crop a chance to get ahead of the weeds, and it is the only way to get the weeds out of the row itself. I started using the kind of drags that you get for a couple hundred dollars at a farm sale, and you definitely get what you pay for. Eventually I bought a new tine harrow that I was somewhat satisfied with. 2019 is my first year with the Treffler, and it is one amazing machine. I couldn’t go back to my other brand now. The hydraulic adjustment for the spring tension is awesome as you encounter varying soil types and weed pressure as you travel across the field. With the effective weed control of my Treffler, I don’t know if I will be able to find enough work for all my kids this summer!