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Nuts about the BirdAlert

Man@Machine are firm believers in biodiversity, so it is interesting to hear that more people are looking into integrating nut trees into the Dutch landscape. How do they cope with the humidity, fertility and pest birds?

Nuts in the Netherlands

Farmer Rudolf Jan den Beer Poortugael, from Zoelen in the Netherlands, is taking a stance against the practice of importing walnuts from China, Turkey, or California & opting to cultivate walnuts locally. You can read his story (in Dutch) here :

The Netherlands offers favorable conditions for walnut growth which provides a compelling reason to reduce sourcing from overseas. This shift towards local cultivation not only ensures the freshness and superior quality of the produce but also aligns with a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to food production and consumption.

By growing walnuts locally, there is a significant reduction in the environmental impact associated with transportation, contributing to a lower carbon footprint. 

Birds love nuts too

Nuts are an excellent daily dietary addition, offering numerous health benefits.  Eating a handfull a day is recommended by nutritionists.  

However, birds also want to stay healthy and the love they have for nuts can pose a challenge for walnut farmers.

This is where BirdAlert proves invaluable.

BirdAlert: a Job Well Done

The BirdAlert is an intelligent scarecrow equipped with the capability to detect and identify specific bird species.

This groundbreaking solution employs advanced technology to sense birds and deter them through a blend of visual and auditory signals. The BirdAlert system is adaptable and can be customized to address particular bird species making it a fantastic tool for farmers or anyone else dealing with pests birds.

In the video below Farmer Rudolf Jan den Beer Poortugael discusses his walnut trees.

At around 14 minutes in, the BirdAlert, diligently performing its duty, momentarily interrupts the interview with its calls, startling both the interviewer and deterring the troublesome birds 😃 .

Seeing it doing it’s job made us both smile and feel more than a little pride. Yes, we’re nuts about the BirdAlert!