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TINY Treffler

What is the TINY Treffler?
The TINY Treffler is a hand drawn harrow with the working width of 80cm. The TINY shares the same principle with the big Treffler harrows: in the row harrowing, adjustable tension and the patented tine suspension. Each tine follows the contour of the field while the downward pressure remains constant. The TINY is effective throughout the growing season in greenhouses or for small enterprises in vegetable production or seed propagation.

Technical Specifications
Working width 80cm
Weight 80 kg
Tine spacing 2,8 cm
Number of tines 32
Pressure range of the tines 200-5000g

Which crops can be harrowed?
Basically, all crops can be harrowed, regardless the sensitivity or the sort. The spring tension can be adjusted by means of a roll-up bar to apply little pressure in the early stages when the crop is still fragile, later increasing the pressure when the crop is better established and can handle more aggressive harrowing. You can manage your weeds effectively regardless of the crop: beets, lettuce, spinach, onions, garlic, leeks, tomatoes, fennel, soybeans, corn, carrots, melons, pumpkins or potatoes. On top of a ridge, or on an uneven field, all the tines follow the contour and the tine pressure remains the same on all tines.

How does the TINY Treffler work precisely?
This is a Treffler hand drawn machine. The TINY Treffler is equipped with Combi Springs and carbide teeth at an angle of 120 degrees, great for gentle harrowing in veggies. With only a very small tine distance of 2,8cm and minimal deviation, the entire surface is evenly harrowed. In addition, the tine pressure is continually adjustable from 200g to 5000g depending on the size and strength of your crop.

Why manage weeds with a Treffler harrow?
Timing is crucial when harrowing. The Treffler harrow is made to begin harrowing in an early stage when the weeds are still at the white thread-like stage. The success of the harrowing is the highest when you can begin as early as possible. The harrow works by disturbing the weeds, uprooting them or covering them with soil. Therefore, the weeds have less chance to grow and to compete with your crop.

How can the TINY Treffler be used?
Because it’s always blind harrowing you do have to look for and find a balance between the strength of the crop and how aggressive you want to harrow to eliminate the most weeds.
• You walk between the rows or along one side of a track.
• Depending on your working width, the wheels track can be adjusted. On one side the wheel can be pulled out to a track width of 155cm.
• False seed beds can be prepared by harrowing shallow before sowing.
• The harrow can be used for breaking crusts: raise the frame high so that the tines lift the soil.
• The height of the frame can easily be adjusted with the use of the spindle, even in high crops it is possible to harrow.
• If you only want to lightly scratch the surface you do that with applying a little amount of tension. With the use of the spindle you can also lower the frame and the tines will drag, making the tines less aggressive.
• If you want to harrow aggressively you can increase the pressure. With the use of the spindle you can higher the frame, making the tines more vertical, and therefore more aggressive.
• A small note to be aware of: the frame has to be horizontal to the ground for even harrowing. The length of the user plays a role in this. By using the bored holes in the neck of the harrow you can adjust it to your length so that when you are pulling the harrow, the frame remains level.

The TINY Treffler harrow, harrow without sorrow.

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