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TS 2720 carried

Working width 27 M with 10 cm overlap each

Harrow fields: Stabile, filigree frame construction

Fields: 1×300/2×620/2×590

Scissor folding with 8 hydraulic cylinders, double-acting.
4 cylinders are connected in series.


Harrow tines: double pendulum bearing tine system.  Tine length 550 mm Tine diameter 8 mm
Line spacing 28 mm
Standard tines 105 °
Option: 120 ° tines for mulch sowing
105 ° tines with carbide tips
120 ° tines with carbide tips
Standard spring: 100g and 500 – 5000g constant tine pressure
Against surcharge combination spring: 100 – 5000g constant tine pressure

Tine pressure adjustment: hydraulic Tine pressure adjustment.  One DW control unit is required

Chassis: Stable chassis with steering axle tires 710/50 R30,5


Further tire sizes on request
Steering angle of the drawbar 100 °, which means that you can continue driving on the headland without maneuvering

Support wheels: 6 pendulum support wheels 225/55 R12 at the rear in the middle section and at the rear of the foldable middle panels, 4 support wheels 225/55 R12 for the foldable harrow fields on the front

Hydraulics: Sensor-controlled hydraulics.  All functions are switched electro-hydraulically.  Operation via display in the tractor cabin.  Load sensing controlled

Safety: lighting system to the rear and front.  Automatic transport lock

Dimensions and weights: 
Transport length: 7915mm
Length to the middle of the axis: 6760mm
Working length: 9040mm
Transport width: 3000mm
Transport height: 3500mm
Weight: 9800kg
972 tines

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