SERIES TF300 – TF750

Treffler precision spring-tooth cultivator with levelling tines – perfect soil preparation for weed-free crop production from Spring until Autumn.
The Treffler precision spring-tooth cultivator is available in various models with working widths of 3.00 m to 7.50 m. With innovative and patented flat steel spring tines for excellent level adjustment, preventing lateral deflection of the tines. The all-season machine is widely used for sowing preparation, stubble removal, weeding and liquid manure incorporation as well as for cover crop sowing.

  • Levelling in spring In contrast to conventional levellers, the Treffler spring-tooth harrow is easier to pull, moves more weed seeds and also eliminates root spreading weeds.
  • Particularly suitable for weed control in weed-prone cultures such as maize, soy beans and vegetables. A few weeks prior to sowing, work the soil once, or several times every few days to a depth of approximately 6-8 cm. If necessary, roll it to stimulate germination of the weed seeds.
  • Straw harrowing If the straw is poorly distributed by the combined harvester, run the harrow diagonally across the harvester tracks to achieve a more even distribution of the soil cover.
  • Stubble tillage By working the soil with a goosefoot coulter cultivator, the cut weeds are placed on the surface where they dry, while the germination of lost crop seeds and seeds of weeds is promoted.
  • Cover crop sowing The spring-tooth harrow can be equipped with a pneumatic sowing device, placing the seeds in front of the tines.
  • Ploughless breaking up of trefoil-grass cover After having worked the soil with the goosefoot coulter cultivator, the cover can be turned with the spring-tooth harrow for drying.

TypeWorking widthSectionsTinesTine spacingSupporting wheelsTransport widthWeightRequired traction force
TF 3003.00 m1 x 3 m319,7 cm22,99 m700 kg37 kW / 50 HPClick for More Info
TF 4204.20 m1 x 2.99 m / 2 x 0.6 m439,7 cm22,99 m900 kg51,5 kW / 70 HPClick for More Info
TF 5305.30 m1 x 2.99 m / 2 x 1.15 m559,7 cm42,99 m1100 kg66 kW / 90 HPClick for More Info
TF 6506.50 m1 x 2.99 m / 2 x 1.75 m679,7 cm42,99 m1300 kg81 kW / 110 HPClick for More Info

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