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Stop Roundup – with Treffler machines!

The discussion around Roundup has been going on for years now . What was initially a gift from heaven is now becoming a curse from  hell. As a farmer I have seen attitudes do a complete 180. Completely safe was the story. A neighbor had his cows graze on it in the spring of 1986, a week after the Chernobyl disaster, another such strong tale. Everything was possible, science set the limits, governments guarded the limit and the business community fumbled with it. This week, Vitens reports that it releases an additional 15 million euros per year for the cleaning of groundwater; In agricultural magazines you can read that for the time being farmers cannot live without Roundup, there is no alternative available.

Since 2015, water extraction company SEBES has started a cooperative with 200 farmers and Nature Park Obersauer, called LAKU. In addition to fertilization themes, LAKU also focuses on mechanical weed control. This is how Treffler-M@M became involved in this project with an area of ​​6850 ha. M @ M rents out the Treffler cultivator TG 615 and the famous Treffler weed harrow TS1220. The TG 615 cuts 100% of grass clover, also shallow, from 5 cm. This kills grass and weeds all year round. The TS 1220 knows how to manage the seed weeds in the growing season. Finished with Roundup, Time for Treffler.