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Terms and Conditions, T&C, Treffler-M@M, 2017

  • Proposals are valid during the period that is given for this quote. The validity date can be found on your proposal or via your account on the Treffler-M@M website
  • Delivery is obliged to be accepted with a maximum delay of 14 days
  • Calamities by production or transport are a valid reason for extra delay
  • 100% of payment must be made 7 days before delivery
  • Failure to make a 100% payment will result in delivery being either postponed or cancelled
  • Complaints on delivery to be made within 8 days only, by post or by mail
  • Warranty on the product for 1 year after delivery (when suitably used)
  • No copying of the product, respect for intellectual property
  • Guarantee on safety when instructions have been followed
  • Conflicts in a deal which cannot be resolved between partners will finally be brought to Dutch court


Treffler-M@M’s obligation to pay damages, irrespective of the legal basis, is limited to damages for which Treffler-M@M is insured under the insurance policy taken out by it or on its behalf, but will never exceed the amount paid out under this insurance in the relevant case.


By agreeing to these terms and conditions you also agree to our privacy Policy which can be found here: Privacy Policy