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Get Climate Smart with the Shade Haven

Sheep relaxing in the cool shade under a Shade Haven from Man@Machime
Shade Haven is a remarkable portable shade structure that brings coolness & shade exactly where it’s needed. With different sizes available, you can create up to 1,200 square feet of shaded area, ensuring your beloved cattle, sheep, llamas, goats etc stay comfortable and protected from the heat. The best part is, Shade Haven is designed to be easily moved around, so you can position it wherever shade is required. It’s a flexible solution to keep your animals safe under the sun! But Shade Haven isn’t just convenient — it’s also climate smart. Here’s how it helps:

Beat the Heat

Heat stress can be tough on animals and can have detrimental effects on their health and productivity. By providing shade, Shade Haven helps them stay cool, healthy, and happy, reducing the risk of heat-related issues.

Efficient Resource Use

With Shade Haven, you can optimize the use of natural resources like land and water. Your animals can gather in the shaded area, reducing the need for energy-consuming cooling methods or excessive water usage.


Whether it's a changing weather pattern or evolving animal management needs, Shade Haven has got you covered. Its portability allows you to easily move it around or adjust its position, ensuring shade is available when your animals need it most.

Happy Animals

By giving your livestock access to shade, you're prioritizing their well-being. Even when it is cloudy, the Shade Haven protects from UV radiation. They'll be more comfortable, healthier, and even more productive.

Rotational Grazing

Controlling grazing and moving the Shade Haven around helps create a balanced and harmonious relationship between the animals and the pasture. It ensures that the land stays healthy and productive, without any harmful effects like eutrophication and trampling.

Reduce Nitrogen Emmisions

Controlled grazing is actually part of the solution when it comes to managing nitrogen effectively. Did you know that cows have a unique way of doing their business? They never pee and poop at the same time, not even out in the pasture. This is quite different from what happens in stables, where mixing manure and urine leads to higher levels of ammonia emissions.

Shade Haven is more than just a shade structure — it’s a climate-smart solution that promotes resilience and sustainability in your livestock operation. Your animals will thank you for creating a safe environment for them!

Protect your animals, your profits, and the planet, while your pasture breathes in carbon.