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Government support for Shade

Governments in Europe and the UK are taking important measures to improve animal welfare and improve soil management.  The Shade Haven has its place in this new round of subsidies.

Farmers, take a look at grant funding agreements in your country. You may be eligible for support.

A few reasons you want Shade on your farm:

  1. Animal welfare, heat stress is a torment for animals that cannot find shade anywhere, and various secondary diseases are promoted (milk fever, udder inflammation, rumen acidosis).
  2. Animal welfare gives agricultural returns and heat stress costs milk and meat production.
  3. Fertility of the animals suffers greatly from heat stress, a reason to slaughter animals early.
  4. Grazing contributes to the solution of the nitrogen problem. A cow does not poop and pee at the same time, not even in the pasture. Mixing poo and pee, as is inevitable in the stables, gives more ammonia emissions.
  5. Controlled grazing, by regularly moving the SH, ensures an even grazing of the pasture, prevents eutrophication and trampling.
  6. An SH is a business card for a farm, it shows the commitment of the farmer, to the animals, to the consumers of the products, to the recreationists who admire the cows in the landscape.