SERIES TG300 – TG720 (10 ft- 23.6 ft)

The Treffler TG precision cultivator is a heavy-duty, semi-carried cultivation tool with an accurate cut that you can precisely adjust at a shallow height as little as 2 cm. Unique tillage tools the whole year round available with a variety of self-cleaning waltz/ roller depending on your type of soil. Can be equipped with standard and twin-sowing equipment. Because the cultivation is shallow, a lightweight and less powerful motorized tractor is sufficient.

Main features of the Treffler TG precision cultivator:
  • Very shallow work from 2 to 5 cm (0,79 in- 2 in) prevents digging and subsequently re-emergence of weed seeds in the crop
  • Full-field cutting of root spreading weeds
  • Semi-carried and available in various models with working widths of 3.00 m (10ft) to 7.20 m (23.6 ft)
  • The precision cultivator can be easily upgraded and adapted to suit individual needs
  • Wide field of applications – the precision cultivator masters all your tasks
  • Chassis, packer rollers and tines – enhanced maneuverability thanks to integrated drive mechanism
  • Pneumatic seed drill – extend your precision cultivator with our tried-and-tested sowing system
  • Suitable for tractors from 66 kW/90 HP upwards

TypeFolding systemWorking widthSectionsTinesTandem supporting wheelsTransport widthWeightRequired traction force
TG 300no3.00 m1 x 3 m1723.00 m3100 kg59 kW / 80 HPClick for More Info
TG 440yes4.40 m1 x 0.7 m / 1 x 3 m / 1 x 0.7 m2523.00 m4900 kg88 kW / 120 HPClick for More Info
TG 500yes5.00 m1 x 1.10 m / 1 x 3 m / 1 x 1.10 m2943.00 m5500 kg102 kW / 140 HPClick for More Info
TG 580yes5.80 m1 x 1.4 m / 1 x 3 m / 1 x 1.4 m3343.00 m6000 kg100 kW / 150 HPClick for More Info
TG 615yes6.15 m1 x 1.55 m / 1 x 3 m / 1 x 1.55 m3543.00 m6600 kg132 kW / 180 HPClick for More Info
TG 720yes7.20 m1 x 2.10 m / 1 x 3 m / 1 x 2.10 m4143.00 m7500 kg147 kW / 200 HPClick for More Info

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