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Stable shanks

Long hardox steel shanks, mounted and spring-loaded on top of the frame, always perpendicular to the ground.

Flat, sharp sweeps

Treffler developed several versions with carbide cutting surfaces, always sharp.

Lots of overlap
Treffler opts for an 8 cm (3 inch) overlap of the sweeps, 100% cutting is guaranteed.
Accurate depth adjustment

The machines are equipped with tandem wheels, any unevenness is absorbed.

Stone protection
Standard by means of shear bolt, where necessary with hydraulic stone protection
Ground following frame
Hydraulic cummulators provide pressure on the wings while maintaining flexibility
Multiple options

The machines can be equipped with tine harrows, rollers, or seeders as desired.

Find all available options in the brochure.

SERIES TG300 – TG720 (10 ft- 23.6 ft)

The Treffler TG precision cultivator is a heavy-duty, semi-carried cultivation tool with an accurate cut that you can precisely adjust at a shallow height as little as 2 cm.

Unique tillage tools the whole year round available with a variety of self-cleaning waltz/ roller depending on your type of soil. Can be equipped with standard and twin-sowing equipment. Because the cultivation is shallow, a lightweight and less powerful motorized tractor is sufficient.

Main features of the TrefflerTG precision cultivator:
  • Very shallow work from 2 to 5 cm (0,79 in- 2 in) prevents digging and subsequently re-emergence of weed seeds in the crop
  • Full-field cutting of root spreading weeds
  • Semi-carried and available in various models with working widths of 3.00 m (10ft) to 7.20 m (23.6 ft)
  • Chassis, packer rollers and tines – enhanced maneuverability thanks to integrated drive mechanism
  • Pneumatic seed drill – extend your precision cultivator with our tried-and-tested sowing system
  • Suitable for tractors from 66 kW/90 HP upwards
  • Tines follow contour of the field, bed or ridge without increasing in pressure ensuring uniform harrowing at all working heights
  • Available in models ranging from 80 cm (5 ft.) hand drawn, up to 18 m (60 ft.) on a 3-pt hitch

Machine Variations

TypeFolding systemWorking widthSectionsTinesTandem supporting wheelsTransport widthWeightRequired traction force
TG 300no3.00 m1 x 3 m1723.00 m3100 kg59 kW / 80 HPClick for More Info
TG 440yes4.40 m1 x 0.7 m / 1 x 3 m / 1 x 0.7 m2523.00 m4900 kg88 kW / 120 HPClick for More Info
TG 500yes5.00 m1 x 1.10 m / 1 x 3 m / 1 x 1.10 m2943.00 m5500 kg102 kW / 140 HPClick for More Info
TG 580yes5.80 m1 x 1.4 m / 1 x 3 m / 1 x 1.4 m3343.00 m6000 kg100 kW / 150 HPClick for More Info
TG 615yes6.15 m1 x 1.55 m / 1 x 3 m / 1 x 1.55 m3543.00 m6600 kg132 kW / 180 HPClick for More Info
TG 720yes7.20 m1 x 2.10 m / 1 x 3 m / 1 x 2.10 m4143.00 m7500 kg147 kW / 200 HPClick for More Info