The Treffler TSW300 (10 ft) roller cutter to reduce your cover crops, corn stubble or rape.

Choose the Treffler TSW for reducing cover crops and crop residues. In combination with our Treffler TGA Cultivator, The TSW cuts the stubble short, 1cm (0.4 in) above the surface and the TGA with its easy adjustable depth and 8cm (3.5 in) overlapping sweeps allow to cut everything with minimal disturbance in your soil.

What makes the Treffler TSW Roller Cutter so special:
  • The cut is above the soil, therefore no soil disturbance.
  • Can work quickly with a high capacity
  • Works independently from the working speed
  • Front attachment on your tractor, preventing wheel disturbance
  • Also available as TSW with Steering, Front mounted the TSW-Steering ‘pulls’ the machines, steering is made easy
  • Low energy requirement, think of your footprint
  • Management of crop residues for cover crops as well as stubble management after corn, rape
  • Weight: 1500kg (3.300 lbs) with extra load 1800kg (3.970 lbs)

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